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Wellness Corner

Navigating Challenging Emotions During the Holiday Season


Do you find yourself quickly scrolling past yet another picture of smiling faces dressed in festive matching pajamas, or having a sinking feeling from a party invitation? The holiday season is a time traditionally associated with togetherness and cheer, but for some it can feel anything but and instead accentuate feelings of isolation. Sound all too familiar? Here are some tips to navigate the holiday season.

Okay the feeling

Start by acknowledging and accepting your feelings without judgement. Notice I said accept the feeling, this is not the same as saying accept the situation (more on this in a later post).
Practice self-compassion
Be kind to yourself. Grappling with challenging emotions during a time meant to be "happy" is hard. 
Keep it in perspective
While we strive towards accepting feelings, we also need to remind ourselves that thoughts are just thoughts and that they can change, come and go. 
Prioritize self-care
With everything on your plate, make sure you are covering the basics of self-care: getting enough sleep, balanced eating, regular exercise (even if it's a walk around the block), and getting sunshine. 
Find your own meaning and create new traditions
Hone in on activities that feel meaningful to you. Don' t be afraid to change traditions if they no longer serve you. Create new ones that feel more aligned with who you are. 
Get support 
The support and guidance from a mental health professional can be invaluable. 

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